Let AI do your time tracking,
so you can focus on work

Get a deep insight in how you spend your time. See what clients, projects and tasks take up your time. All without the hassles of manual time tracking.

A time management solution that actually saves time

Imagine having a complete record of all your work, telling you precisely how much time you've spent on your projects and tasks. Imagine you'll never forget to invoice parts of your work. Or what you could learn from your time management. Find tasks that draw your time away. Quantify how much time you lose on distractions. Or imagine this on a company scale, to help make thought out management decisions.

Automatic AI-driven time tracking

Time Studio analyzes your computer usage and learns from your past time entries. Suggestions will appear on your timeline which you only have to review. It works surprisingly well.

Track your time without effort

Enjoy a user interface designed for efficiency and convenience. Mark time segments on the timeline and allocate using smart autocomplete, if there's no suggestion to approve already.

Remember everything

Computer usage, active applications, documents and websites are tracked on a seperate timeline, letting you easily remember what you were doing. Accurately enter your time, even after weeks have passed.

Keep organized

Organize activities in groups. Create parent activities based on client, project, phase, department, task, ... You choose how, without restrictions. And our AI can handle this just fine.

Analyze your time management
to improve your productivity

Insights to improve your productivity

Generate a variety of customizable charts and reports. Want to see the time you spent for a specific client? Or how your workload evolved over the last months? View your timesheet in Excel®? It takes just a few mouse clicks.

Private and secure

Your time entries and computer usage are stored securely in the cloud, out of reach from advertising companies and governments. Time Studio keeps a local copy in sync to have your data accessible when offline.


Time Studio connects to most popular professional tools like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, to log what files you're working on. You can also link your iCal calendar to show on an additional timeline and to feed the AI algorithm.

And much more ...

Keyboard shortcuts, managed locations, bulk rename and reoganize, copy and paste activities, color by activity, auto updater, ...

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Time Studio is designed for professionals

architects, accountants, consultants, engineers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, instructors, lawyers, marketeers, programmers, researchers, sales, startups, ...

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