A better way
of tracking time

Spend less time on time tracking and get higher accuracy. Time Studio a powerful tool with hierarchical activities and a tracker that helps you remember what work you did.

Why Time Studio?

Spend less time on time tracking

A user interface designed for efficiency and convenience. Mark time segments on the timeline and allocate using smart autocomplete.

Track with higher accuracy

Computer usage, used documents and visited websites are tracked on a seperate timeline, providing a point of reference and thus enabling higher accuracy.

Hierarchical activities

Organize activities in hierarchical stuctures. Create parent activities based on client, project, phase, department, task, ... You choose how, without restrictions.

Powerful reporting, charts and exporting

Generate a wide variety of charts and reports. Or use the built-in export to table and view your timesheet in Excel.

Sync across devices

Your time entries and computer usage is automatically backed up in the cloud and synced across devices.


Connect Time Studio to your iCal calendar. Or use our API to create your custom extensions. We can also design a a custom service specifically for your company. Contact us for more info.

And much more ...

Keyboard shortcuts, auto updater, managed locations, bulk rename and reoganize, copy and paste activities, color by activity, ...

Time Studio in action!

A short movie on how to track your time with less hassle


Time Studio is designed for professionals

architects, accountants, consultants, engineers, graphic designers, instructors, lawyers, marketeers, programmers, researchers, sales, ...

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