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Is Time Studio free?
Yes. In the future we may introduce an optional paid premium version, but we are committed to a powerful free version with no less features than the current free version.
Does Time Studio run on Linux or Mac?
Not at this time. But we are considering a version for Mac and Linux.
Who can see my data?
Only you can see your data. No other 3rd party will have access to your data. Time Studio employees will only look at your data after your explicit consent when providing help for support requests.
Where is my data stored?
You data is stored on our servers and synced to your personal devices.
Why don't I see any activity suggestions?
The algorithm will only show suggestions if it's reasonably sure it's correct. For now, you need at least 2 activity entries with the same name for the algorithm to look for suggestions. TIP: Try for your entries to be accurate. Garbage in = garbage out.
What data does the tracker store?
Active application name and window title, active document path for certain applications and active website url for most modern browsers. Mouseclicks, keyboard presses (only type of key, not actual key), display change (every 10s, as %), system parameters, total cpu and memory usage, battery percentage and power source, audio output level.
Do you have a mobile app?
Not for public use at this time. We have an experimental Android app that logs location, physical activity and phone usage. Contact us if you wish to join this experiment.
Do you sell my data?
No, we never will.